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Time for something new

Advance is responding to the country’s desperate need for new and effective political leadership, focussed on uniting our country and addressing society’s many challenges. We are responding to the vacuum created by politicians in the existing parties who know what needs to be done but are trapped within party structures that were designed for the 20th century and which incentivise behaviour that prioritises short-term, personal and party interests over long-term national interests.


Our Vision

While the challenges we face are daunting, we believe passionately in our society’s ability to overcome them. We want to build a prosperous and compassionate society that balances personal fulfilment and community spirit.

We prioritise national unity built on tolerance and diversity. We believe the UK should be a leading voice on the global stage, recognised as a highly desirable place in which to live and do business. We intend to recalibrate the UK’s economy to ensure no-one is held back and no-one is left behind.

The Future

We will ensure this new economy is built on innovation, regulated free markets and responsible public finances. And, despite the UK’s current trajectory, we will continue to work towards a future anchored in the security and prosperity afforded by full membership of the European Union. Advance believes that the foundations of a good life are a secure home, a safe and vibrant community, a productive and sustainable economy and a healthy environment. A reliable welfare state and a strong economy are two sides of the same coin, which together provide security and opportunity for all. Just as we believe an individual’s wellbeing is enhanced by active engagement with friends and neighbours within their community, so we believe that our national interests are best served through open and active engagement with the international community.

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