We are not living through an era of change

We’re living through a Change of era.

Together we can make it work

We will fight back against the hollow lies of the new wave populist politicians. We will reform our political system to close the gap that has opened up between ordinary people and their political representatives.

And we will use the energy and talents of ordinary people to reboot our country in a way that makes it safer, healthier, more open, more competent and kinder.

The change we need

New Leaders

It is time to assemble a new generation of political leaders committed to building a closer relationship with the country they have been elected to represent and to deliver change that actually matters to ordinary people.

We need to invest in frontline policing.

We need to invest in quality housing.

We need to invest in national infrastructure that links rural and urban areas.

We must try new approaches to tackle the causes of homelessness and poverty.

Amalgamate the NHS and Social Care. Prioritize preventive healthcare programs.

Developing investment in green technologies.

Providing a major boost to primary and secondary school budgets.

Safeguarding our elections for the digital age.

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